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  • Grenaavej 635 A 8541 Skoedstrup Denmark
Publiceringsdatum: 23.09.2022
Land: Danmark
Utgivningsår :

A number of mechanisms are used to create the look of the elegant RAW stoneware. The glazing of the stoneware does not consist of a uniform, solid colour, but it varies in colour and texture because of the chemical process in the oven. The glazing develops differently from piece to piece, which is the reason the set is different in saturation, crystallization and stratification. This technique is highly appreciated by many ceramic artists. The many variations in colour and texture makes every piece unique and gives the set its handmade look. RAW - Crafted concept is designed in collaboration with the Danish lifestyle influencer, mom, powergirl, boss and darling Christiane Schaumburg-Müller.

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