Coloured by our times - Spring/Summer 2023

Dixie AB

  • 0735075168
  • Gamla Riksvägen, 4
Publiceringsdatum: 05.01.2023
Land: Sverige
Utgivningsår :

As a contrast with the all-natural look, add colorful details for a personal touch. This is one of the key factors for a vibrant home. And a simple way to create an expressive interior. This season, Dixie's collection is as usual the fruit of our close, long-term collaborations with dedicated suppliers. Collaborations that are closer than ever after our recent visit to their homes and factories. And are based on mutual trust and transparency. This is an almost everlasting, hand-made collection, in a natural low-key color scale. Made to resist years of wear and tear with its high-quality craftsmanship. Coloured by our vision of a more sustainable world.

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