From nature to nature

Dixie AB

  • 0735075168
  • Gamla Riksvägen, 4
Publiceringsdatum: 10.08.2022
Land: Sverige
Utgivningsår :

Welcome back to nature again. As before, a collection in a timeless and durable design made of sustainable materials you will cherish forever. It´s a collection with a purpose. Made with global care for home. For daily use. If not forever, for years to come. Because we must all make contributions for the planet. Our aim is to be sustainable throughout the value chain. For healthy working conditions, sustainable consumption, and circular use of resources. Our longterm sustainability work is based on Agenda 2030. Keep this year in mind. It´s an important date. There´s no extravagances. It´s simplicity in its most honest form, made for you and for the next generation. Long live life and the satisfaction of making conscious choices for our future. It´s a humble gift, from nature to nature.

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