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Elegant decoration for your fairytale garden

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Finding sustainable solutions for our future light decorations, we see great advantage in using the natural power of the sun. Therefore, we’ve created a series of products that charges with only a few hours of sunlight during the day.

If you’re looking for a delicate light chain, the series Knirke Solar is the perfect choice. The light chain is made with a dark green cobber wire that falls in the background and lets the elegant LED-light pop out as the day turns to night.

The wire can easily be shaped after its surroundings which makes Knirke perfect for decorating the bushes, flowers, trees, and other creative ideas. The chain comes in three sizes.

  • 30850 Knirke Solar 7,9m+2m 149
  • 30851 Knirke Solar 11,9m+2m 179
  • 30852 Knirke Solar 15,9m+2m 199


Unique outdoor decor with Knirke Solar Parasol

Knirke Solar Parasol is our Knirke light decoration made specifically for parasols. Enjoy how the light spreads above you as you enjoy the evening by your outdoor table and your terrasse gets a magical touch. A unique product with a great effect for the detail-oriented person.

Knirke Solar only needs to charge for two hours and after that it can light up for 8. The chain turns on by itself when the darkness arises. So just leave the chain on and it will do the work itself. The battery can easily be replaced.

  • 30880 Knirke Solar Parasol
  • 30881 Knirke Solar Parasol

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