22.02.2023  |  Bloom  |  Accessories

Go green, go rechargeable

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Sirius has recently expanded their collections of rechargeable candles and will continue to make the green choice the easy choice. See the new spring colours.

The interest in climate conscious choice among customers is increasingly popular. By choosing rechargeable LED-candles you save money in the long haul by not needing batteries. Avoiding batteries is not only good for the economy but especially the environment. 

Sirius has now introduced two new colours in the Smilla Rechargeable series. The colours Sky Blue and Warm grey are insired by nature and compelemnts each other well. 

To charge the candles Sirius has made the Decopower Multicharger - a charging platform with seven stations. A discrete design one can place anywhere in their home, so it's easy to recharge.

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