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Enjoy late summer nights on the terrasse with Sille Outdoor

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There are good news on the 12th of August when Sirius launches the popular Sille LED candles – now for outdoor use. Enjoy your late evenings with shining moments on the terrasse and leave your candles safely outside.

Sille Outdoor will guarantee you a great outdoor ambience all summer long. You can safely leave the candles outside as they are both waterproof and sturdy so they can withstand wind and rain. With Sille Outdoor you always have cozy times at hand – bring the candle with you when you go to the beach, camping or picnicking. You don’t have to worry about melted wax or wind. Sille is characterized with a classic and stylish design with a smooth surface. The flame is static with a pulsating LED-light with a wick by the bottom for an authentic expression.

  • 80810 Sille Outdoor Ø7,5x12,5cm 
  • 80812 Sille Outdoor Ø10x20cm
  • 80814 Sille Outdoor Ø5x6cm 

Use Sirius Remote Control to turn Sille Outdoor on/off or choose a time interval between 2,4,6 or 8 hours. 

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