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At TRIMM Copenhagen, we are constantly working to become more sustainable in all parts of the value chain. Every time we make a choice, the climate and environmental impact are part of the decision-making. Whether it is the material selection, production,

Transparency and openness

Read more about what actions we have taken in all aspects of our business below.


In recent years, we have started choosing high-quality materials that, in addition to having a long life, have also had a life before or otherwise have less harmful effects on the climate and environment.

This can be seen, for example, in the Recycled NOAH Collection from 2021, which is made of a zero-waste textile, created from 100% recycled plastic bottles and polyester waste.


For us, it is important to work closely with the production and minimize all unnecessary transport.

That is why all our products (with the exception of the Terrazzo tray, which is handmade in Vietnam) are produced in the EU. We are in daily contact with the production and visit our suppliers at least once a year.


One of the biggest initiatives TRIMM Copenhagen has taken in relation to transport is to move our warehousing facilities together with our production.

In addition, we have dropshipping solutions with the majority of our dealers. This means that the only real transport we have is when orders are to be delivered directly to the end customer.


In recent years, TRIMM Copenhagen has undergone rapid development, with more and more of our activities taking place online. This has meant that we at TRIMM Copenhagen have been able to minimize our use of safes and other physical marketing material.

We also minimize our travel and hold the meeting online if possible.

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OM TRIMM TRIMM Copenhagen er en dansk designvirksomhed grundlagt af designer Rikke Gjørlund i 2010. Virksomheden har maritime rødder, hvilke er tydeligt i design og materialebrug. Alle produkter er produceret i Europa, for at sikre topkvalitet, kort produktionstid og nærhed med vores fabrikker. Hos os er kvalitet og design i højsæde. Vi har et bredt sortiment a…

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