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Sensibo Air Smarter than ever. Senses you better.

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Sensibo Air is the new control unit for the air heat pump or AC system from Sensibo. It also functions as a fully connected ecosystem for the indoor climate.

By combining the control unit with an extra wireless sensor which senses both the indoor climate and movements, we get a completely new opportunity to adapt our indoor environment to our needs.

While the main unit must be placed so the IR signals reach the air heat pump or AC system the extra sensor can be placed for example in the kitchen or hallway. By so doing the system knows if we are at home and are in need of a comfortable indoor temperature. When one leaves home, it can lower the temperature to save energy, or vice versa in the summer.

Sensibo Air consists of the following units

Sensibo Air which is the main sensor that is connected to the wireless network at home. It has sensors for temperature and humidity as well as two IR transmitters.

The room sensor connects to the main unit via Bluetooth and is powered by 2 AAA batteries. It has sensors for temperature, humidity and movement.

The Sensibo app is available for iOS and Android as well as via the Web. Google Home, Alexa and Apple Siri Shortcuts can also be used to control the Sensibo device.

Sensibo Air has a recommended starting price of 1 999 SEK / 1 999 NOK / 1 499 DKK / €199.99 and is available now. Read more.

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