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Swedish design experiencing brand Scandinavia Form returns to nature.

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Discover Scandinavian design through nature's raw form.

Swedish design experiencing brand SCANDINAVIA FORM has released a series of new products, including a new size and material of their small porcelain vase Consilium, new packaging. Inspired by the pure untouched shapes found in nature, the company aims to design items that showcase nature’s raw form.

“I wanted to optimize our current collection for new uses,” said Eva Levin, founder and lead designer of SCANDINAVIA FORM. “Nature continues to evolve, creating different designs and systems in the process. So we decided to redesign our own products too, to encourage reuse and reimagination.”

Terracotta is the newest material now available in the Consilium collection. “Materials can be seen as the DNA of a product,” said Levin. “It largely determines the way people experience the product, along with what kind of environmental impact it has. Terracotta is a material from the earth —as something grown out of nature, it made sense to include it in our series.”

Just like nature, SCANDINAVIA FORM experiments with transformations, from redesigning their packaging with help from Malmö-based company Zenit Design, to art direction from Attila Kiraly, who previously worked at Ogilvy and INGO in Stockholm.

On top of new product releases, the company is also exhibiting across multiple design weeks across Europe, including the Swedish Design Pavilion in London, showUP in Amsterdam, MAISON&OBJECT in Paris, and the Venice Art Biennale. 

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