05.10.2021  |  Business  |  Branschnytt

Be a part of Formex January 2022

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During the time we haven’t been able to arrange any physical events, we have listened and talked to exhibitors, visitors and partners, to find new opportunities and improve our coming events.

We are now in the process of a retake for Formex January and a part of that is to create an experience- and activity-based meeting place - interactive, emotional and sensory. Of course still with a focus on creating a platform where you can do business, meet new people and get inspiration.

One of the new things is that the visitor can find product news in an inspiring atmosphere in NEWSEXPO at each entrance. All for the visitor to get a better overview and get tips and referrals to suppliers. All booked exhibitors have the opportunity to freely contribute a product.
In addition, you have the opportunity to capture the visitor's interest already in the entrance square. There you can book a display window and get visibility in one of Formex 'most visited areas.

Please contact us, if you want to participate in Formex in January. marianne@stockholmsmessen.dk

Hope to see you at Formex on January 18–21, 2022!

Best regards,
Sara Ek, Event Manager
and Team Formex


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