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LIND DNA takes customizability to the next level in new collection

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In less than 4 months, passion and love for his craft have taken Preben Lind, owner and designer of LIND DNA, from a grand idea of a timeless candleholder to the introduction of a future iconic design.

Paving the way for creative expression, LIND DNA now introduces a series of modular candleholders with a name paying its respects to the company heritage and its organic shape; namely LIND CURVE. 

With its focus on customizability, LIND CURVE is a sculptural collection crafted from solid steel, offered with surface treatments in bright chrome and 24K genuine gold. Featuring an intuitive stacking-system, it creates endless possibilities for creating new iconic designs from just 3 minimalistic pieces. 

The foundation of the series is the BASE module, whose sculptural silhouette can be further refined by adding SINGLE and DOUBLE modules. 

Preben Lind defines the underlying thought process behind LIND CURVE: “More than ever, we experience a universal need for people to rethink their homes more often. To help fulfill this creative need, LIND CURVE is created with a timeless design that is dynamic, and can be re-stacked infinitely depending on your mood and inspirations”. 

With a design created for a life-long journey of collecting and shaping your own heritage, LIND DNA provides an assuring lifetime guarantee, and Preben Lind further elaborates on the future potential of LIND CURVE: “With LIND CURVE we encourage people to interact with their classic design icons, and aspire to prolong the innovative nature of great design.”

Experience the sculptural LIND CURVE collection at www.linddna.com/en/lindcurve

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We offer you an entire world of table top products and interior design concepts, that are beautifully designed to complement each other. Design, craftsmanship, local production and zero waste is our philosophy. Craftsmanship and the art of creation is what everything is about at LIND DNA. When ever possible, we insist on our own, local production in Denmark. We choose to do this…

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