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Hamonoya er grundlagt i 2003 som en distributionsvirksomhed, der sælger eksklusivt køkkenudstyr, home accessories og produkter til personlig pleje af høj kvalitet til mere end 1.500 butikker i Danmark, Norge og Sverige. Vi sender alle varerne fra vores lager i Glostrup, og det er også her vores kontor og showroom har til huse.

Både funktionalitet, kvali…

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Hamonoya er grundlagt i 2003 som en distributionsvirksomhed, der sælger eksklusivt køkkenudstyr, home accessories og produkter til personlig pleje af høj kvalitet til mere end 1.500 butikker i Danmark, Norge og Sverige. Vi sender alle varerne fra vores lager i Glostrup, og det er også her vores kontor og showroom har til huse.

Både funktionalitet, kvalitet og design er vigtigt for os, og vi er kræsne, når vi udvælger leverandører og produkter fra hele verden. Vi indkøber kun produkter, vi selv vil have i vores hjem, uanset om det er et fantastisk køkkenredskab, et lækkert produkt til badeværelset eller et smukt designobjekt til spisebordet eller stuen.

Vores produktportefølje omfatter i dag et meget bredt udvalg af produkter fra 15 leverandører fra Europa, USA og Asien, som vi synes bringer glæde og gør en forskel i vores kunders dagligdag.


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Baking tins manufactured in the highest, Italian quality in more than 70 years. 

The Italian brand Guardini is with its 70-years of experience and know-how a well-known brand in the entire world for ist baking tins. The baking tins are made from a very light and thin material. The baking tins are thermally conductive which allows the heat to dissipate better, so you always get the best result and even baking. The baking tins from Guardini also have a non-stick coating, which makes release and cleaning easy. 99% of Guardini's production takes place in Italy.

Find Guardinis catalogue here

Scottish Made

Grown in Scotland. Made in Scotland. 

Scottish Made creates handmade chopping and serving boards made of oak. These boards offer a fun and contemporary way to slice and serve - from chopping garnishes and veg to serving cheese and biscuits. Each board has a unique burned motive on it. 

The boards are produced with oka from environmentally sustainable resources in Scotland. The goal with this is to secure the beautiful Scottish resources for many generations. 


Naturally Med

Unique and handmade products in olivewood from Scotland.

The Scottish Naturally Med creates handmade products in olivewood. Every product is made out of one peace of wood which makes every product unique since no trees have the same grain. Naturally Med is a family-owned company with a special love for sustainability, high quality, and good handcraft. 

All products from Naturally Med are made by the Mediterranean Sea from sustainable olivewood. This means that no living trees have been cut and used in the production. Naturally Med has a wide assortment of cutting- and serving boards as well as bowls and other kitchen utensils. 

Find Naturally Med's catalogue here

The Just Slate Co.

Wide handcrafted assortment in slate with award-winning products. 

The Just Slate Company was founded in the UK in 1992. The company started with a strong dedication to letting the modern expression melt together with the natural insert of slate. Today The Just Slate Company is one of the biggest manufacturers of slate for interior design. Their assortment is represented in the entire Nordic countries as well as France, the USA, and Japan. 

The company has a wide assortment of award-winning products. The Just Slate company provides excellent serving sets and exclusive bowls for your table and household, as well as beautiful slate plates in multiple sizes. The slate plates are handmade in Scotland and have a foam base to protect your surfaces from scratches. They also have a food-safe coating. 



Drosselmeyer's collection of kitchen utensils and innovative candleholders is created to balance out the "throw-away-mentality" of today's society. 

The name Drosselmeyer comes from the company's first product, the test-winning, and minimalistic nutcracker. Drosselmeyer is a figure from the fairytale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". Drosselmeyer is a Swedish design company that focuses on simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. Drosselmeyer creates products based on already existing products, but with an improved function. Its mission is to improve everyday products. 

Drosselmeyer's collection of kitchen utensils and innovative candleholders is created to balance out the "throw-away-mentality" of today's society. The goal is to create products that last forever. With more than 20 years of experience and know-how, Drosselmeyer is an expert in innovation and unique solutions. 

Find Drosselmeyer's catalogue here


Sharp, minimalistic, and extremely durable boars from 100% sustainable teak tree. 

The American producer Teakhaus creates beautiful cutting boards made from 100% sustainable teak trees from FSC certified woods. Teakhaus is inspired by the love for food combined with respect for nature. Teakhaus are experts at creating a minimalistic and clean design for their products without compromising quality and functionality. 

The teak tree's natural beauty combined with its high oil content and moisture resistance makes it the ideal material for cutting boards. The teak tree used in the manufacturing of products from Teakhaus feels and smells amazing. The hard teak tree will keep your knives sharp for longer and at the same time give a smooth feeling when you are cutting or slicing. The boards from Teakhaus are easy to maintain. 

Find Teakhaus's catalogue here


Sustainable and intelligent alternatives for packaging and wrapping.

NUTS is a new Swiss company that has made it its business to manufacture and sell sustainable, natural, and plastic-free products for packing and wrapping food. The bestseller is their beeswax paper which replaces aluminum foil and wrapping paper made of plastic. NUTS do not only care about making sustainable, natural, and plastic-free products, they also require all their products to be organic, recyclable, compostable and manufactured under reasonable conditions for the workers. 

The food paper from NUTS is antibacterial, so when it is cleaned in lukewarm water the paper is ready to be used again. The wrapping paper from NUTS can be used for up to 1 year. During this period, the paper can be re-imprinted with more beeswax. 

Find NUTS's catalogue here

Joe Frex

Authentic, Italian barista equipment of high professional quality. 

A good cup of coffee consists of both passion and quality. experience the authentic Italian café-vibe at home with the barista equipment of high quality from Joe Frex. The company is behind many stylish and exclusive barista equipment which are carefully developed so they are long-lasting, ergonomic, and a delight for the eye.

The German manufacturer Joe Frex has a wide assortment of everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee. 

Find Joe Frex's catalogue here

Root 7

Beautiful designs and products with a warranty that lasts a lifetime. 

The English brand Root7 produces thermo bottles in all sorts of smart designs. The bottles are double layered with stainless steel. In between these layers is a layer of copper which ensures your drink is warm and cold for much longer. This is also the reason behind the iconic copper lid.

The bottles can keep cold drinks cold for up to 30 hours and warm drinks warm for up to 20 hours. Besides this, the bottles are BPA-free and are 100% tight, so they do not leak. Root 7 has a warranty that lasts a lifetime on all its products. 

Root 7 always thinks of sustainable solutions. Their wrapping is plastic-free and for every sold product they plant a tree. This is done in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects. In 2020 Root 7 planted 100.000 trees. 

Find Root 7's catalogue here


Creative and minimalistic products manufactured responsibly and sustainably.

The American producer Aladdin is one of the worlds leading brands in responsible manufacturing of thermoses and water bottles. Aladdin's creative and minimalistic products are good for both you and the planet. The products are manufactured with a high focus on sustainability and social responsibility during the production by recycling plastic and other materials.   

Aladdin makes it easy for you to bring your food and drinks with you to-go. Aladdin has emphasized both design and functionality, so the products do not leak. 

Find Aladdin's catalogue here

Jean Dubost

Laguiole, 100% made in France. 

Jean Dubost from France has since 1920 produced professional knives for households. The company is family-owned for 4 generations and its biggest focus is high quality and good handcraft. 

Laguiole Jean Dubost makes cutlery, kitchen utensils, and gift boxes. The cutlery is long-lasting and with the saber-like shaft, it lays well in the hands. The cutlery is available in a wide selection of materials and colors, e.g wood, horn, metal, and ABS, so there is something for every taste. 

Handcraft is a big part of Jean Dubost's identity. Most of their products are made by hand and get through 28 different touchpoints during the production at the factory. 

Find Jean Dubost's catalogue here


Minimalistic kitchen tools with a hint of Italy. 

Cilio was founded in Solingen in Germany in 1993. Ever since its establishment, Cilio has been working with the best materials and beautiful Italian designs. 

Cilio has specialized in bar-, wine-, delicacy-, and coffee equipment. They have a wide assortment of more than 550 products. They have everything from luxurious kitchen tools in olivewood to nice picnic baskets in beautiful designs. 

Find Cilio's catalogue here


German kitchen utensils for professional- and amateur chefs since 1923. 

The German brand Küchenprofi has since 1923 been producing kitchen utensils for professionals, amateur chefs, and everyone who loves cooking. Küchenprofi has a wide assortment of products to prepare, cook, and serve food. They have everything from whisks and pizza cutters to truffle cutters and lobster forks. 

Küchenprofi has more than 750 products in its assortment and is still investing in new and further development of the assortment. One of their new and innovative products is the 3-in-1 dough scraber, which quickly became one of their bestsellers. 

Find Küchenprofi's catalogue here


Kitchen utensils made of spring steel, and 100% food-safe, BPA-free silicone. 

The German brand Kochblume has specialized in developing and producing kitchen utensils in high-quality silicone for cooking, baking, and cleaning. 

The products from Kockblume are made of spring steel and 100% reusable, food-safe, BPA-free silicone which resists temperatures from -40°C to +260°C. The silicone is made from silicon, which mainly consists of sand. Therefore silicone, unlike most types of plastic, does not need chemical emollients. Kochblume's products are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. 

The spring steel is surrounded by silicone and is therefore not visible on the products. This ensures that the products do not harm your pots and pans. The Spring steel is the interior of the products which guarantees a solid, and stable product. 

The bestsellers from Kochblume are the kitchen utensils in silicone and spring steel, and their over-boil-lid which makes sure that your water does not boil over. 

Find Kochblume's catalogue here


Unique and efficient kitchen utensils in high quality made to be used over and over again. 

Lékué focuses on design, originality, and handcraft. Lékué is a Spanish brand that primarily makes products in platinum silicone, which is free from smell, color, and of course BPA. Platinum silicone is found in sand, quartz, and stones. Besides this, Lékué's products are food safe and durable. 

Lékué provides different products in the cooking category, which makes it easy to make healthy food in the microwave and easy to incorporate vegetables into your diet. Lékué also has a wide variety of storage- and to-go-boxes. 

Lékué is famous for its bread maker which works as a mixing bowl, rising bowl, and baking form. Other bestsellers are the popcorn maker, baking utensils, and their new line of sustainable storage. 

Find Lékué's catalogue here


Innovation kitchen utensils in a minimalistic design to maintain the joy of cooking. 

The German brand GEFU has had its 75th anniversary and is still in the front of the market with innovative products for the kitchen. E.g. the "Spirelli" which can turn vegetables into spaghetti. GEFU is also very known for their "peel and cut"-products. The blades are made of Japanese steel which is noticeable when you cut your vegetables!

GEFU's high-quality and innovative kitchen utensils ensure a long-lasting joy of cooking. The kitchen utensils from GEFU help you cook and bake your food easily and saves you from using too much valuable time. 

GEFU have a wide assortment of more than 1.000 different product and they offer a 5-year warranty. 

Find GEFU's caatalogue here


Long-lasting, ultra-sharp graters in world-class, when only the best is good enough. 

Microplane's graters have distinguished themselves from other graters by using an original chemical process, perfected in over 40 years' experience, to create long-lasting, ultra-sharp cutting edges.  

Unlike stamped graters or double-sided etched graters, Microplane single-sided etched, ultra-sharp teeth, behave like extremely sharp knives to cut ingredients with precision rather than tearing or shredding. 

The blade ensures that food does not stick or block, but instead without much pressure and any effort, gently slides along the cutting surface to produce perfect results every time. This also preserves and intensifies food’s aroma and flavor. 

Microplane only uses the highest quality stainless steel for making their etched graters. Microplane has developed a broad range of Kitchen tools to suit a varied range of needs. All the products are practical with long-lasting blades, ergonomic handles, non-slip base for stability, protective covers for easy storage, and dishwasher safe.

Microplane makes, among other things, mandolin iron, box grater, pizza cutter, and peelers. In addition, Microplane has also made a cutting-resistant glove, as their grater has ultra-sharp cutting edges.

Find Microplanes catalogue here

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